How Alcohol Ruined Ojok-Anne Kansiime Marriage

It was a match made in Heaven and we were all looking at the Ojoks as relationship goals. 5 years later, the relationship between the dark chocolate and now ex hubby, Gerald Ojok and funny girl, Anne Kansiime turned sour.


Pearl Vibe has learned that the separation slowly came about as Gerald, Alex Muhangi and Salvador Idringi, good friends of Gerald, embarked on a mission to deplete all the alcohol at uncountable “watering” spots in Kampala suburbs. It is common knowledge that Kubby’s bar and restaurant in Naalya is owned by Anne Kansiime. As husband of the comedian, Ojok technically became an owner and had no reason to limit his alcohol intake.

Salvado Idringi and Alex Muhangi, Ojok’s gangos.

As time went on, Ojok was more than often seen hanging out with Salvador who shared the same management with Anne Kansiime (Grajoh Entertainment). It should be noted that this is how the two became good friends.Those who have always attended corporate gigs like Blankets and Wines can testify on having seen Ojok, Alex Muhangi and Salvador drink themselves silly. More often than not, after the two had staged successful comedy shows, the three would link up and carry out their usual business.

Anne gradually became unhappy as she thought giving her man his space as per the African culture demands was the way things worked. However, as time went on, the now single comedienne saw her man’s drinking responsibility deteriorate each day. The addiction went on building slowly and Ojok was unable to control himself unless he indulged in an alcoholic drink. At this juncture, Ann consulted a number of her trusted friends on how she could guide her husband to come back to normal life and reduce on his drinking. Close friends to the comedienne revealed to us how this is the first time they are hearing about the two conflicting having stayed together peacefully over the past years.

Anne and her ‘OJ” in good times.

A close friend to the comedian relayed to us how at one time Gerald Ojok went missing for about 32 hours and no one had a clue of where he was. It was later on that he showed up in bad shape as he had taken too much alcohol. At one point ,a friend to to the Ojok family, suggested that Ojok be humble and accept that his problem was the excessive alcohol. It was suggested in good faith that he spend some time in rehab.

This helpful idea took a turn for the worst as Ojok turned down the advice as he looked at himself normal although his state and drinking continued to worsen. Trusted sources revealed to Pearl Vibe how at this stage, Ojok neither showed up at required times nor came back home in time, something that left Anne wondering on whether this was normal for her husband who had never behaved like this.

It’s at this point that Kansiime’s patience started running out and news started spreading on how the two “lovebirds” had split. Kansiime had no knowledge of her husband’s whereabouts. “Anne has been patient but Ojok refused to realise the impacts of his acts of drinking himself silly all the time,” a close friend to the couple lamented. Anne took to her  social media accounts to confirm the separation of the couple. However, it is said that, Anne’s close friends are pressuring her to reconcile with Gerald as soon as he comes back to his proper state of mind.

There are many mixed reactions to the separation of a much adored and admired couple. “Anne and Ojok have never engaged in a quarrel nor had a fight honestly. I truly wonder why they are giving up and letting go,” one of the close friends to the comedian lamented when approached by our reporter.

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