8 prominent Ugandans that have faced gay rumours…Number 5 is a shocker!

First things first, we wanna wish you y’all a happy new year. Now that the dust of Andrew Mwenda’s sexuality allegations seems to have settled, PearlVibe has decided to compile a list of those prominent Ugandans that have ever been are still being accused of being gay.

Though in recent years it’s become easier to come out and being called gay is in many ways less traumatic both personally and professionally for individuals, even the faintest whiff of queerness can still mean disaster for celebrities’ careers. Therefore, some of the biggest stars in business, politics, television and music have reacted to these claims in a variety of ways. Some deny the rumors, some laugh them off, some see them as flattering and others flat out refuse to even address them.

Today, we are taking a look at prominent Ugandans that have faced gay rumours…you won’t believe who’s at number five!

Andrew Mwenda

The rumours of motor-mouthed journalist being a bum driller hit social media at the end of last year. He came out to address the speculation by saying; “I am bisexual, transsexual, a defiler, a rapist, a serial murder and a cannibal – yes I test human flesh on occasion and it is salty I must say.”

Brian Ahumuza 

Most people associate these businessmen with plenty of South African friends to have done some weird acts to acquire the wealth they have, and Brian Ahumuza was not spared. Rumour started circulating immediately he hit the fashion limelight that he could have sold his behind opening for money because they can not determine the source of his wealth. Ahumuza has remained tight-lipped and has never tried to reply the bad mind haters.

Pastor Kayanja

The Senior Pastor of Miracle Centre Cathedral Robert Kayanja was accused in 2009 by two young boys for carrying out homosexual acts. The complaints were filed by Pastor Martin Sempa and other city pastors that were determined to see the Pastor Kayanja prosecuted.




Keko’s appearance and fashion sense have been the major contributions to her sexuality. Babe dresses like a stud and she does look good in her outfits. Rumour has it that Keko was Sheebah Karungi’s partner and that they had a bitter fallout…none of the two has ever come out to address the rumours.

Allan Kasujja

As for this dude, the newspaper article depicted that he’s one of Mwenda’s ‘lovers’.

Leila Kayondo

This struggling singer and dumped girlfriend of SK Mbuga is also Hellen Lukoma’s right hand, the two never miss a chance to party together. They are always seen having those close moment sessions in hangouts… you know the touchy things girls do to each other because they can.

Hellen Lukoma 

We have all seen the close relationship between Hellen Lukoma and Leila Kayondo, well yes two women can be close friends and not do anything but then I wouldn’t trust these two in the same bed together in the dark. Hellen and Leila look like they can eat each other out and then pretend like nothing happened.


Sheeba Karungi

Speculation has swirled for years over the dancehall queen’s friendship with the faded rapper, Keko. She’s however never come out to clear the air as the ‘Nkwatako’ singer has remained tight-lipped about her sexuality.

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