8 Curviest Ugandan Female Television Personalities

Uganda besides being the pearl of Africa, it is clearly the land of the most beautiful faces and sexy bodies. Our television sets have been graced with some of the most curvaceous ladies with an awesomely screaming fashion sense. And i mean curvy in the right places. One does not have to look with scrutiny to see this obvious fact. Here are some of the ladies topping our list.

1.Tina Teise

We must agree that this lady from the hilly places of Kabale is one of the most gorgeous ladies we have in our faces every week. Tina Teise presents NTV Login extra. Here light skin comes as a supplement to her curvy and very attractive body.

Easy to note is her beautiful set of teeth she flashes effortlessly. We cannot ignore Tina’s fashion as she is a lover of exquisite clothes and shoes.


  1. Judithiana

It’s been debatable what her real surname is. Being Namazzi, we agree she connotatively depicts this. One simple glance at her makes you smile in appreciation. Besides having a very thick and curvy body, her warm heart and bubbly self-radiates off the screens and through the airwaves.

This dazzling ‘kyaana’ is the epitome of ‘Hawt’! She has an unforgettable style and we must not forget that she is one of the TV personalities with probably the best makeup, which she does by herself. Judithiaa presents Salon Talk on Urban TV and also presents on Radiocity.

  1. Fabiola

She has been in the media streets for so long for various reasons. The former ‘Be My Date’ presenter has been ranked among the sexiest women alive on this planet by different tabloids.


Fabiola who has traversed media sceneries in different parts of this globe has an up to the minute sense of style. She has over the years given us body goals. Fabiola, this year returned to our screens with a bang on one of the most entertaining shows on NBS TV. She presents NBS Katchup.

4. Flavia Tumusiime

This piece of gem has been a crash to many gents and an role model to many ladies. She has had some of the most amazing works where we have seen her host some of the biggest international shows. Flavia Tumusiime whose voice drives ,many into a trance, has a beautiful body with striking long legs.

Her beauty mole on top of her upper lip is an explicit beauty feature that can’t go unnoticed. Her sense of style that matches up to her  well wrapped body keeps many glued to the screens during the News hour. Flavia is a news anchor at NTV and a radio presenter on Capital FM.


  1. Lucky Mbabazi

She has for long been a radio presenter on Capital FM with the famous star, Gaetano. It’s only been a year since Lucky sat behind television cameras to present a health and lifestyle program on NBS Television.

She is arguably the curviest Ugandan juice we have after Fabiola. She is commonly known for her hearty laughter. Although many were back lashing on her presence on television, we believe she is trying well.

  1. Faridah Nakazibwe

She is probably the calmest lady we have gracing our screens. The very conservative lady for reasons clearly known, maybe because she is a Moslem, wears the most decent but sexy dresses. She is a very curvy young lady who presents ‘Mwasuze mutya’ in the fresh hours of the day on NTV.

It has come to our notice that NTV and NBS are on a competing run for the curviest ladies.  Faridah Nakazibwe is low key goals for very many young ladies. Besides her elegant and poised self, her calm character attracts multitudes.

  1. Agatha Loswash

The pundonor magazine sensual lady bountifully serving it raw has been ranked by tabloids among the thickest Television personalities we have in Uganda.

The thick and yellow bone is one with a profuse of steaming beauty. It is not debatable, even a two year old can tell. She does her presenting on NBS television.

  1. Lynda Ddane

The UBC presenter on Horizon Vibe with Calvin the entertainer is another very curvy petite lady. What others might call thick skips when it comes to Lynda.

With a very tiny waist and striking curves, the ever jolly and bubbly Lynda stands out. She has made it onto this list representing the slim ladies out there.

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