Weasel’s Ex Samira Tumi pregnant with baby no.2

Now we all know how Weasel, the other half of one of Uganda’s most entertaining duo loves the yellowbones. He settled with one, got loved-up and became a dad to the sweetest munchkin ever. Then all hell broke loose and Madam Samira Tumi walked out. Weasel hooked up a new “fresh ting”. So what happens when we see Mama Dylan preggers?

The Good Old days of Mama and Tata Dylan

A little bird told us that singer Weasel’s ex-wife, Samira is pregnant again with her second baby. A close source has revealed to us that Samira who currently lives in unknown location is heavily pregnant. Samira confessed to be expecting her second baby but refused to tell us the father of her baby.

Samira and her sweet son.

“Thank you for the congratulatory messages. But I think this is not big news. I am not going to involve myself in this conversation. I won’t talk about my private life with anyone. If you want more, call Weasel and ask him,” Samira allegedly said.

The fine, fine Samira Tumi.

If this is someone’s plan to distract and derail us from attending the duo’s October 27th, “Ten years of Raw” concert, die in your movie. We shall be there!!!

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