16 hotties that have fully represented UG on the trending hashtag #FinePeopleFromUganda

The hash tag trending on twitter #FinePeopleFromUganda  for 32hours now is probably not meant for Ugandans living in Museveni’s Uganda. With all this dust, teargas, scorching sun, brokenness, we must agree this is what makes a typical Ugandan today. Looks like all the people that stood out live in the diaspora. Afew that actually look good and live here represented. Here are the real #FinePeopleFromUganda;

1.Shanice, she is a blogger living and studying in Massachusetts Boston.

2. Diana Kinobe. Living/has lived in Canada

3. Sheba Koreta

4. Coco whose handle is @kakondokamu

5. Spoilt Adult. Not real name

6. Lynda Aneno. Living in the UK

7. Queen Teesh. living in the UK. She was missUgandaUK in 2016

8. Robin. Living in South Africa.

that is not all but a little of the real sauce down here in UG. Here are the Fine Dudes from Uganda;

1. Tswerve. Living in Vancouver. He is holding our flag high as he does music.

2. Derrick Musada. yes! the name says it all. He lives and studies in China.

3. Muwonge. Living somewhere over seas


5. Mr. Ugandan Schnack. Living in UK. He does modeling for one of our own designers Alex Alecool who also lives in the UK.


6. Jim Ampumuza. He lives right here in Uganda but it seems he is destined to live with all the rest in the disapora. He looks too fine for our heat and dust.

7.Thomas Kanzira. Living and studying in China.

8. Jerry Lugalambi. Living somewhere over seas

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