10 photos that prove Bettinah Tianah is melanin goals.

The adage “Black is beauty” has never and will never fade. Bettinah  alias Nassali Betty has given the females melanin goals. Yes that’s a thing. Some people actually wish they were darker than they are just because Bettinah is a whirlwind of dark beauty. She is probably the girl sautisol was singing about in the song “melanin”. Over the years she has flourished on our TV screens and on our social media news feeds.  She has been the hot chic serving goals on the block the longest.  When Mama Lususu came on the scene, every female was running to her stores just to get lightened. It’s no longer the thing. Be noticed for your beautifully dark toned skin than an enhanced light tone. Here are pictures that prove Bettinah is the queen of melanin;



Its no surprise she is the Coca-cola Africa band ambassador. What was a hobby was noticed to start a legacy for her.

3. See this juice in this swim suit? no bleached part. fully char.

4.Now this is a radiant side of her. who am i kidding?! each side of her is radiant. She looks the part in this dress. Royal.

5. Be it in the dark of the day, her skin will stand out against all odds. not ordinarily, but add an extra to that.

6. Yaaaasss! the beautiful long legs. Remember how it was a thing to only flash light legs and thighs, here’s to bending rules.

7. “Her melanin so dark…” Sautisol sang

Her head shots clearly depict how much of a goddess she is. Her gorgeous eyes, tiny pillow lips all in these. Its also serious proof that short hair coupled with her a dark chocolate under mass of beauty is goals.




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